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A great place for kids to learn about arts, science, and history.

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In Pueblo, children have fun and learn at the same time – all in one world-class facility. The $3 million Buell Children’s Museum on the campus of Sangre de Cristo Arts Center features a variety of hands-on exhibits that focus on the arts, science and history. The two-level, 12,000-square-foot museum is for kids of all ages.

Buell Gets National Recognition

“This is the finest children's museum in this state and possibly in the region,” says Maggie Divelbiss, Sangre de Cristo Arts Center executive director.

“We are enlarging a world where the arts are cherished, nurtured and celebrated.”

Child Magazine has honored Buell as being the No. 2 children’s art museum in the entire United States. Sangre de Cristo officials say the goal at Buell is to give children the tools to think and act creatively, and stimulate their interests through interactive and educational activities.

Museum Exhibits

One of the many exhibits at the children’s museum is called Buell Baby Barn, which offers a variety of infant activities in a fun barnyard theme. Another exhibit is called Colorado Gold, where children actually pan for real gold and other treasures in a mining trough.

Another exhibit is called How the West was Worn, with kids encouraged to dress up in cowboy hats, shirts, spurs, chaps and boots.

In an exhibit called Artrageous Studio, children can create personal masterpieces using paper, ribbon, Mylar and other sparkly, gooey materials.

At an exhibit called 3-D Chalk Pictures, kids draw western landscapes with special chalk and then wear 3-D glasses to make the pictures even more dramatic.

Buell Children’s Museum is named in honor of the late Temple Hoyne Buell, a Denver architect and philanthropist whose foundation contributed $1 million to launch the project. Divelbiss says the long-term goal of the museum is to be an ultimate resource, helping to strengthen arts education offered in schools throughout Southern Colorado.

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