Shamrock Brewing Company in Pueblo, CO

Standards of excellence are the same for Shamrock's food as for its premium brewed beers.

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Located in a historic building in the heart of downtown Pueblo, Shamrock Brewing Company is a unique dining establishment that is one part Irish pub, one part brewery and one part restaurant. Shamrock's great food, award-winning craft brewed beers, distinctive interior and lively atmosphere make it a favorite gathering spot for visitors from around the city.

Shamrock's beers are specially formulated and brewed in-house using the best domestic and imported malted barley and other grains such as wheat, oats and rye, which give their beers their unique flavors. Because they never filter their beer, all the great flavor remains in their brews.

Standards of excellence are the same for Shamrock's food as for its premium brewed beers. The restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients to make its mouthwatering Irish pub fare, and everything is made in-house, from the salad dressings to the desserts.  

Try the beer-braised Irish pot roast, Irish boxty, corned beef and cabbage, fish and chips or half-pound Angus burger. Be sure to save room for dessert. Shamrock's signature offering, the Black Forest Porter cheesecake, is made with its own house-brewed Irish Porter.

"Our commitment to quality, consistency and customer service is why we are a favorite on restaurant review sites," says Joseph Underwood, Shamrock assistant general manager. "We want all our guests to have the finest quality in our food and our beer, and offer the best service we can provide. When customers return, all our products will still have the same flavor and quality."

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