Outdoor Fun in Coral Gables, FL

Coral Gables' warm weather allows for year-round outdoor recreation and beach activities

On Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 14:55
Coral Gables FL

Along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, Coral Gables offers an array of outdoor fun and entertainment. In addition to all the beach fun, the city also has golf courses, tennis courts and parks available.

The Beach

Four designated beaches along the coast, in addition to offshore islands, make Coral Gables a great place to relax by the waves. Two local beaches are wheelchair accessible, making it simple and easy for the whole family to enjoy the beautiful Atlantic coast.


If you’re looking for fun a little farther offshore, fresh and saltwater fishing are popular pastimes. Various freshwater lakes are kept stocked with fish for those interested in boating or canoeing through the waters, while certain areas of the ocean are known for their high population of anglers.

Golf and Tennis

Golf course and tennis courts in Coral Gables make warm-weather sports simple and easy. With golf courses equipped with pro shops, locker rooms, golf cart rentals and dining, every golfer can find what they need to make their experience enjoyable and relaxing.

Local tennis courts offer programs for players of all ages, making it easy for players to learn or improve their skills.

Parks and Recreation

With nearly 50 parks in the city, enjoying the beautiful coast is easy and fun. Playgrounds and soft grass are great for family picnics, while numerous trees provide shade from the hot sun.

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