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LiveOak Fiber Is Expanding Opportunities in Okaloosa County

New broadband service provider aims to help drive the county forward

By Livability on December 8, 2022

Courtesy of LiveOak Fiber

A new broadband service provider has arrived in the Florida-Georgia area, and it’s positioned to create quite a positive charge in Okaloosa County. 

Launched in July 2022, LiveOak Fiber is investing $100 million to construct and operate a next-generation, high-speed fiber optic network in the Florida community. 

“This will bring a new level of connectivity to the county,” says Steve Smith, the company’s chief revenue officer. “Residents will be able to work, study and plan from home without dropping calls, gaming without lagging and streaming video without buffering, all without any data caps or other needless limitations.” 

Construction began in November 2022, and LiveOak will start connecting customers in the first quarter of 2023. It will take the company 36 months to build out the entire network. 

While already strong, the area’s local business scene is expected to see great growth with the addition of this infrastructure. Approximately 66% of the county’s companies employ between one and four people, according to the One Okaloosa Economic Development Council. 

Not only will broadband access allow the small businesses that are here to operate more efficiently and reach a wider market, but it will encourage other entrepreneurs to launch their start-ups in the county. 

“The success of these local businesses will foster a thriving economy in Okaloosa County,” Smith says. 

Also expected to grow once the network is installed is the county’s remote worker population. 

“An all-fiber network with reliable upload and download speeds creates an option for remote working and learning — and so much more — that just wasn’t practical for this community before. We can’t wait to see what they do with it,” Smith adds. 

And while area businesses and remote workers are excited for the opportunities this investment will provide, Smith says LiveOak is anxious to see how the community will flourish. 

“LiveOak Fiber is proud to be a member of the community and provide affordable and reliable internet to help our neighbors continue to grow the way residents envision,” he concludes. 

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