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New England Man Selling Snow

Six pounds of Boston snow can be yours for $90.

By Livability.com on February 25, 2015

Screen shot from the website ShipSnowYo.com

What do you do when your city gets 107 inches of snow? Well, one Boston-area man wants to get rid of as much of the white stuff that has covered this town since January as he can, and make a few bucks doing it. Kyle Waring told multiple media outlets today that he’s selling snow. He’s launched a website called ShipSnowYo where anyone outside of New England can order a 16.9 oz bottle of snow for $19.99 or get a Styrofoam cooler containing six pounds of snow for $89.

Waring’s website says of the snow, “Our nightmare is your dream!” And it goes on to explain just how dire of a situation the Boston area is in.

“We’re drowning in five feet of snow. Trapped in our tiny __ apartments and dealing with three-hour long commutes. We desperately need your help getting this snow out of our city!”

All shipments are made overnight, guaranteed to arrive anywhere in the country in under 20 hours, according to the site. Still, one has to wonder if you’ll be getting snow or water.

What do you think of this enterprising idea? 



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