Welcome Home to Clinton County, IA

Clinton County’s innovative programs attract top talent to the region.

Sarah Kuta
On Monday, January 4, 2021 - 12:55
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After serving in the U.S. Army and Navy for 20 years, Tony Miller was ready to start the next chapter of his life. 

As a veteran, 49-year-old Miller was used to moving all over the country, so he was willing to go anywhere. But when Miller heard about Clinton County, Iowa, he was immediately intrigued. The region had it all – diverse jobs, top-notch schools, tons of amenities along the Mississippi River, a family-friendly atmosphere and a low cost of living. 

Even better? Clinton County was actively inviting veterans to join the community, which made Miller feel valued for his military experience and service. 

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Courtesy of Clinton Regional Development Corp.

Through the Home Base Iowa program, Clinton County reimbursed Miller for his expenses when he traveled to the region for a job interview. And when he decides to buy a house, the county will reimburse him for his closing costs, too.

“When a region actually reaches out and says, ‘We’re looking for veterans and the companies we work with are looking for veterans,’ you jump all over that,” says Miller, who moved to Clinton County from Fort Knox, Kentucky with his wife and daughter in 2018 and now works as the regional manager of barge, rail and truck terminals for the food processing company ADM.

Stories like Miller’s are becoming more and more common in Clinton County, which is launching creative initiatives and programs to help attract and develop its workforce.

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Courtesy of Clinton Regional Development Corp.

The region’s new Manufacturing Awareness Program is helping to fill key roles in manufacturing through a free training program that covers topics like forklift safety and supply chain management. 

In addition, the Clinton County Community Student Loan Assistance Program is helping to attract top talent to the region by offering monthly student loan contributions for up to five years.

“Clinton County has lost some population over the years, while existing and new companies continue to expand and hire,” says Erin Cole, president and CEO of Clinton Regional Development Corporation. “These programs are helping us achieve the goal of filling existing vacancies within our community.”

Learn more at Clinton Regional Development Corp.


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