Flying Toward the Future: Des Moines International Airport is Set for Expansion

Capital City airport is known as the gateway to Iowa and beyond.

Cindy Sanders
On Monday, January 4, 2021 - 11:44
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As the Capital City airport, Des Moines International Airport has long been known as the gateway to Iowa and beyond.

“We have great nonstop service from DSM, and it’s growing,” says Air Service Development Manager Kayla Kovarna. “Over the last couple of years, we’ve added quite a few dots on the map, and we’re not done yet.”

A central location and a dedication to making travel safe, affordable and easy have fueled the increase in nonstop flights to nearly two dozen cities, with Nashville and Austin among the most recent additions.

“Air service growth is a cyclical partnership between the airport, the airlines and our community,” Kovarna explains. “The more people travel, the more routes and destinations we get, the more airline competition increases, the more affordable airfares get.”

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Courtesy of Des Moines International Airport

Kovarna says that winning formula has expanded the airport’s horizon. “The incredible growth we have seen at DSM has made us look to the future,” she adds. “As a vital economic engine for the state, planning for a new terminal is essential to propelling future growth.”

While the current terminal has served DSM well, the 1948 structure is due for an upgrade. The goal is to have a new terminal design ready by 2024 and welcome passengers in 2028. Funding is in place for preliminary site work, and projects to improve infrastructure are underway.

“Beyond improving all airport operations, the silver lining for travelers is a modernized terminal with state-of-the-art amenities,” notes Kovarna. 

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Courtesy of Des Moines International Airport

Already known for creating an excellent travel experience, the current terminal offers an array of services for both business and leisure travelers – from affordable parking and on-site meeting rooms to free WiFi and a slate of unique dining options for quick bites and full-service fare.

“DSM is focused on making travel more convenient and pleasurable for all travelers,” Kovarna says of their attention to customer service. “Both now and in the future, DSM is committed to keeping you moving.”

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