Iowa City, IA: Business Overview

The University of Iowa and large businesses support Iowa City's growing economy.

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<p>With a strong economy and highly educated workforce, doing business in Iowa City is easy.</p>
<p>The business climate in Iowa City is varied and prosperous. Like any college town, the city&rsquo;s commerce is based upon the presence of its major university, the University of Iowa. The university is the city&rsquo;s top employer with more than 20,000 employees, and the health-care services undertaken by the school also greatly affect the local economy.</p>
<p>The city also has a number of national and international businesses. Several corporate headquarters are found in Iowa City, including ACT, Procter &amp; Gamble and Oral B Laboratories/Gillette.</p>
<p>Even though established companies succeed in Iowa City, new businesses are welcome as well. There are a variety of programs through the city that assist with business development, and there is plenty of land and sites for new ventures.</p>
<p>Thanks to the university&rsquo;s presence, the employees in Iowa City are top-notch. Highly educated and motivated, the city&rsquo;s residents produce low rates of absenteeism and turnover.</p>
<p>Another bonus to being in a college town? The school&rsquo;s population provides a large number of part-time workers, as well as bringing more professional workers into the workforce after graduation.</p>
<p>See our list of <a href="…; target="_blank">top employers in Iowa City</a>.</p>


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