Iowa City, IA Attraction: Iowa Avenue Literary Walk

The Iowa Avenue Literary Walk features art that incorporates Iowa's writers.

On Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 17:49
Iowa City IA

Normally, a city’s attractions are at eye-level. But, when you’re in Iowa City, be sure to look at the ground. A stroll through the Iowa Avenue Literary Walk in downtown is like passing through a large work of art.

The Literary Walk features a series of bronze relief panels, embeded in the sidewalk, that are inscribed with words from 49 writers who have ties to the state. The panels are then connected by quotations, which are stamped into the sidewalk and about books and writing. From children’s books to memoirs to dialogues from plays, a wide variety of material is shown.

Iowa City is designated as an UNESCO City of Literature and home to the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, and each panel reveals why the authors on the Literary Walk are bound to Iowa.

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