Iowa City, IA: Shopping Overview

Iowa City's shopping scene includes big malls to small, independent bookstores.

On Thursday, June 28, 2012 - 17:49
Iowa City


Iowa City’s Sycamore Mall has everything a shopper could want. Retail from Claire's Boutique to Radio Shack can be found next to unique stores sure as Defunct Books.

Hunger or boredom won’t make shoppers leave Sycamore Mall. Restaurants include Panera Bread and Oyama Sushi, and the area’s largest theater, Sycamore 12 Theaters, boasts stadium seating and new 3D releases.

Shopping Center

Old Capitol Town Center is found in Iowa City’s downtown. The center houses everything from stores and restaurants to health providers and a music recital hall. Shoppers find fashion, gifts, technology and art supplies, as well as use the walk-in medical clinic.

Grabbing a bite is easy thanks to Old Capitol Town Center’s spacious food court featuring restaurants such as Chipotle Mexican Grill and Buffalo Wild Wings.

Specialty Shop

Iowa City’s bookstore Prairie Lights is a local institution, which helped the city make the Top 10 Cities for Book Lovers list. This independent bookstore is part of the city’s college town landscape, and it is an integral part of the retail environment as one of 14 bookstores. A coffee shop upstairs provides a boost for exam-addled minds, and even President Obama has stopped in for a few children’s books while visiting the state.

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