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A Newcomer’s Experience with Oskaloosa, IA

Meet Lee Smith, a talent specialist at Musco Lighting, who made his home in Oskaloosa, IA.

By Livability on December 21, 2021

Courtesy of Iowa South

A Newcomer’s Experience with Oskaloosa, an Iowa South Community:
Lee Smith,Talent Acquisition Specialist, Musco Lighting

My wife and I first visited Oskaloosa in 2007 to attend a friend’s wedding. We’d never been to “Osky” (as the locals call it) before, and we both commented on the charming downtown area.  Our visit, while memorable, was a short one, and we went back to our lifestyle as young professionals in the greater Chicagoland area.  

Fast forward 13 years, two job changes, one relocation and two lovely daughters later. I was contacted about a career opportunity with Musco Lighting’s corporate headquarters in Oskaloosa.  Working in an innovative sports lighting company with opportunities to travel the world – along with the company’s employee-centric culture and down-to-earth leadership team  – made my decision to accept an easy one.

Oskaloosa, IA waterpark
Isaac Wilson Campbell

We were pleasantly surprised to find the amenities we needed and the sense of community we longed for. Limitless fiber internet service is available everywhere, and the comparatively low real estate prices allowed us to afford a home that would have been out of reach for us during our time in the city. Farmer’s markets, movies in the park, gymnastics and dance are just a few of the activities that our family has enjoyed since we have arrived. We’ve also discovered some excellent coffee shops and restaurants. As we approach our one-year Osky anniversary, it’s hard to envision ever living anyplace else!  

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