Boise, ID Homes and Neighborhoods

Boise is a city brimming with stories. The city is alive with the richness of history and the energy of progress.

On Thursday, June 2, 2011 - 10:52

Boise is a city brimming with stories. Strolling through each of Boise's seven distinct neighborhoods, you can almost hear the streets whispering. The city is alive with the richness of history and the energy of progress.

The North End of Boise tells a tale of historic grandeur. The historic mansions that line Harrison Boulevard lend a sense of elegant dignity, and a renewed interest in this original Boise neighborhood is growing. Hyde Park, in the middle of North End, brings flair to the area with unique boutiques and eateries and a popular annual street fair. Boise's East End offers a story of change: Lavish Victorian homes on Warm Springs Avenue fade to glamorous new homes high in the foothills surrounding the city. The East End is also home to Julia Davis Park and the Morrison-Knudsen Nature Center, along with the Warm Springs Golf Club. In the Northwest, the narrative shifts from Boise's agriculture-based economy to a new style of living. Traditional ranches are separated by thriving subdivisions – some of Boise's most exclusive, in fact. The neighborhood also boasts two golf courses, Quail Hollow and Plantation. Boise Bench has a similar plot line. The 1950s-style suburban neighborhoods are just across Highway 184 from the Boise Towne Square Mall and the Hewlett-Packard facility, one of Boise's largest employers. In Southeast Boise, the story is unfaltering progress. The neighborhood is built largely around the Micron Technology complex and the subdivisions that have sprouted up nearby. Boise State University is also in Southeastern Boise. Two final Boise neighborhoods are Garden City, which is literally a city inside the Boise city limits, and Southwest Boise, a more sparse community with a healthy dose of gorgeous Idaho scenery. The story of Boise still being written today, playing out on the streets of the city's neighborhoods.