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Cole Valley Christian Schools is Partnering With Parents

Cole Valley Christian Schools offers technologically advanced classes.

By Livability on September 15, 2021

Students Courtesy of Cole Valley Christian School

At Cole Valley Christian Schools, our mission is to partner with parents to shepherd and challenge students toward their individual potential to impact the world for Christ. We seek to develop the whole person through a Christ-centered education. 

STEAM teacher Julie Morgan was named one of Idaho’s top 40 under 40 by the Idaho Business Review. Morgan is prolific in procuring grants to fund STEAM projects at Cole Valley Christian Schools. 

Modell car
Courtesy of Cole Valley Christian Schools

Our students have a myriad of creative engineering opportunities each year thanks to her efforts and the partnerships of generous foundations. Students are currently engaged in projects such as: 

  • NASA HUNCH: Our AutoCAD class is competing in Nasa HUNCH. We’re the only school in the Northwest that is competing. We have a NASA engineer mentor, and we have been having Zoom calls with him. Our students designed a craft to survive the atmosphere without a heat shield and transmit the location at 433 MHz to a receiver. Our team has made the semifinalist list, and we’re awaiting to see if we made it to the finals.
  • Future City 2021: Living on the moon. Seventh- and eighth-grade students designed a city 100 years in the future to live on the moon. From 3D printing buildings to using Helium 3, the city was innovative and futuristic. Our team was fifth in Idaho along with multiple special awards.
  • WISE: High school girls join the Women in Science and Engineering Club for monthly lunches sponsored by local science and engineering companies. Through discipleship from professionals, our students are growing and learning about the local fields, from medical to graphic design to forensic science.
students doing STEAM project
Courtesy of Cole Valley Christian School

Our STEAM courses continue to build students’ passions through wave analysis, motor building, and 3D printed CO2 cars.

Each year, Cole Valley Christian engages students with offerings that change as technology advances. The partnerships these grants support will keep our students at the forefront of technology, earning certifications that lead to internships in these industries. 

Their courses at CVCS prepare our students to engage differently in their college studies having experienced firsthand many engineering challenges that will inform their questions at the higher levels. 

For similar opportunities and to learn more about what CVCS can offer your family at ColeValleyChristian.org. Tours and shadow opportunities for students are available to see if CVCS is a right fit for your family. 

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