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Photos of Idaho

The only time we’d say it’s O.K. to judge a book by its cover is when you’re selecting a best place to live. Thankfully, we’ve got plenty of great photos of the area that we think will help you decide whether or not it’s the best place for you.
  • Best Places to Live in Idaho
  • Roses blooming in front of the Idaho State Capitaol building

    Courtesy of Aidan Wakely-Mulroney under a CC 4.0 license.

  • nice shot of river and canyon

    Courtesy of chadh under a CC 4.0 license.

  • a blue football field

    Courtesy of Mike under a CC 4.0 license.

  • Affordable Idaho
    Courtesy of John Hinsberger under a CC 4.0 license
  • Coeur d’Alene nature
    Leonardo Stabile
  • Cour d'Alene fitness
    Raniel Diaz
  • Cour d'Alene community
    Raniel Diaz
  • Cour d'Alene streets
    Paul Sableman
  • Cour d'Alene climate
  • Cour d'Alene family
    Loren Kerns
  • Cour d'Alene residents
    Greg Goebel
  • Spokane airport
    John Crowley
  • Idaho Recreation
    Courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management under a CC 2.0 license.

  • Idaho
    Photo Courtesy of Annette Benedetti
  • Idaho
    Photo Courtesy of Annette Benedetti