Food Science in Twin Falls, ID

Several companies in Twin Falls, ID are experimenting with food science making the region known for "feeding the world".

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Clear Springs Foods Inc. in Buhl, ID
Photo: Clear Springs Foods Inc.

Glanbia Foods has taken cheese to a whole new level.

With the opening of its Cheese Innovation Center in August 2013, the Twin Falls company is set to “create tomorrow’s products today,” according to Jeff Williams, president and CEO. Some of the most advanced equipment in the cheese industry is housed in the new 14,000-square-foot facility, enabling the company to develop the future of cheese products and to market them globally.

“The Cheese Innovation Center represents our commitment to and investment in our customer relationships, the global cheese industry and our local community,” Williams says. “This will be a tremendous resource for our partners, a destination where leading minds of our industry will collaborate side by side with access to the tools and technology to create tomorrow’s products today.”

Rooted in Agriculture

While Glanbia’s recent development is impressive, it is just one example of how Southern Idaho has earned its reputation as a region that’s “feeding the world.” The diversity of products and number of food science and manufacturing facilities in Southern Idaho make it rife with innovations through research, and the region’s impact is rooted in its agricultural base of commodities such as dairy, row crop farming, seed, beef, aquaculture, lamb, mink and apiaries.

Glanbia Foods is certainly a leader in the food science sector of Southern Idaho. Meanwhile, Glanbia Nutritionals is a leading international supplier of nutritional and functional dairy-based ingredients.

With more than 650 employees, Glanbia Foods is the world’s largest producer of American-style cheese. The addition of its Cheese Innovation Center makes for even more production.

“Glanbia is recognized for making world-class cheese,” says Jan Rogers, executive director of the Southern Idaho Economic Development Organization. “The presence of this world-class cheese collaboration, research and science center will be a tremendous asset to Southern Idaho.”

Research and Expansions

Other companies are also conducting cutting-edge research for product innovation and food science contributions.

Clear Springs Foods, located in Buhl, for instance, is the world’s largest trout farm and the No. 1 producer of commercial trout in the United States. Its R&D division focuses on optimizing fish production and ensuring consistent, high-quality trout is produced in an economically and environmentally responsible manner.

Amalgamated Research LLC is another company that falls in the region’s food science sector. Located in Twin Falls, it creates and manages a variety of innovative technologies. For instance, its technology has been used in installations producing sugar and other sweeteners in the United States and several other countries.

McCain Foods USA, one of the world’s largest processors of french fries, is expanding its Burley manufacturing plant with the addition of a third production line. The Burley plant was built in the 1960s, and is one of several manufacturing plants McCain operates throughout the United States.

“This expansion will continue to benefit and support Southern Idaho’s agriculture sector,” Rogers says. 

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