Performing Arts in Twin Falls, ID

Twin Falls, Idaho has a great performing arts scene with the performing arts center, many museums, and local art.

Megan Pacella
On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 23:29
Twin Falls, ID

Southern Idaho is known for its breathtaking scenery and outdoor recreation spots, but also tucked away in the areas surrounding Twin Cities is a burgeoning performing arts scene. With the Magic Valley Symphony, the College of Southern Idaho’s Fine Arts Center and Howells Opera House all boasting more than 50 years of history, Southern Idaho has a vibrant arts scene that attracts performance art buffs from all over.

Southern Idaho Symphonies

If you’re looking for a classic cultural experience, try the Magic Valley Symphony or the Sun Valley Symphony, both of which put on award-winning performances each year. Located in the Magic Valley, the Magic Valley Symphony boasts a 50-year history of performing with noted artists and guest conductors.

Founded in 1985, the Sun Valley Summer Symphony is the largest privately funded, free-admission symphony in America. Now in its 26th year, the Sun Valley Symphony continues to welcome internationally acclaimed guest artists and distinguished musicians from symphonies in major cities all over the country. Throughout the years, both the Magic Valley Symphony and the Sun Valley Summer Symphony have developed a long tradition of encouraging young musicians to sharpen their performance skills. Both symphonies sponsor a youth orchestra, as well as a number of music camps, workshops and scholarship programs.

Magic Valley Performance Arts

Oakley, Idaho, might be a small town, but it’s not too small to house Howells Opera House. Built in 1907 by Judge Howells, the Opera House originally opened as a theater. But thanks to its impressive acoustics and large size, the facility only hosted high-drama plays; thus, it was coined an opera house. Today, Howells Opera House is run by the Oakley Valley Arts Council, and the renovated building holds plays, musicals and other performances. 

Southern Idaho is also a hotspot for theater troupes and musical companies. Since 1996, Company of Fools has contributed to the artistic culture in southern Idaho by holding theater performances and putting on arts-in-education programming. Company of Fools strives to motivate the community by encouraging members to participate in theater and appreciate the arts.

The Junior Musical Playhouse Company (aka the JuMP Company) is a nonprofit organization that provides an opportunity for students in grades one through 12 to participate in musical theater. Every year, local professionals assist the JuMP Company in presenting two musical productions. When the company is not rehearsing for a show, it offers theater workshops. 

Other performance groups and venues in the southern Idaho area include the Dilettante Group of Magic Valley, the Magic Valley Little Theatre and the King Fine Arts Center in Burley, Idaho.

Twin Falls Center for the Arts

The newest addition to the Twin Falls arts scene is the Center for the Arts, which opened in late 2010, and provides a space where art aficionados can gather to celebrate life and art in the Magic Valley. Boasting an outdoor plaza, a two-story atrium, an auditorium and multipurpose rooms used for classes, the Twin Falls Center for the Arts cultivates all types of art and the people who love them.

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