Festivals and Attractions near Twin Falls, ID

Attractions and events in Magic Valley/Twin Falls, ID, including destinations and festivals.

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Shoshone Indian Ice Caves and Museum near Twin Falls, ID
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Attractions and events abound in the Magic Valley. Here's a sampling of Southern Idaho's don't-miss destinations and festivals.

  • MSN Travel calls Trailing of the Sheep Festival one of the top 10 fall festivals in the world.


    The event takes place in Harvey and Ketchum every October, with a weekend full of Basque food, culture, dancing and many sheep. Activities include wool shearing, spinning, weaving, herding sheep demonstrations and a Trailing of the Sheep Parade that features hundreds of the animals moving along Main Street.


  • Feel like gambling? Jackpot is only a 45-minute drive from Twin Falls. The Nevada gaming destination is less than a mile from the Idaho border on U.S. Route 93 and is popular among residents of Idaho and other neighboring states. Jackpot is often considered part of the greater Twin Falls region.


    The largest casino in the unincorporated town is Cactus Pete’s Resort, with more than 26,000 square feet of gaming space. Entertainers who have performed recently in Jackpot include Roy Clark, Trace Adkins, The Four Tops and Herman’s Hermits.


  • Even if it is 100 degrees outside, the Shoshone Indian Ice Caves are always 28-33 degrees Fahrenheit. The caves, located 16 miles north of Shoshone on US Hwy. 93, are actually lava tubes that are 1,000 feet long and vary between 8 and 30 feet in height. Air currents flowing through the tubes result in the ice, since the currents cause subterranean water to freeze. Courtesy coats hang on hooks for visitors to borrow as they make their way into the quiet and cold caves. Shoshone Ice Caves is open from May to September.


  • The entire town of Oakley is on the National Register of Historic Places. In 1878, Mormon immigrants founded the community located 17 miles south of Burley. Many of the town’s buildings are made of brick and old stone, and an Idaho quartzite known as Oakley stone is quarried nearby. Oakley is located on Goose Creek and is named for Thomas Oakley, operator of a stagecoach in the late 1800s. The community hosts an annual festival each July called Pioneer Days.


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