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Big things really do tend to come in small packages. And Carbondale is no exception. With natural beauty, educational resources and cultural amenities, quality of life in this Southern Illinois town is second to none.

A Home for Everyone

There are a variety of neighborhoods in the Carbondale area. Whether it is a beautiful vista, a group of neighbors, a quiet solitude or a nearby forest, each house in Carbondale comes with a different flavor to satisfy anyone’s needs.

For someone who wants a vintage home, Carbondale’s historic houses are located in the West Walnut Street historic district. In this district, houses can be compared to a fine wine; they are all aged to perfection. These houses date all the way back to the 1850s and they are conveniently located in the center of town.

If you want a place that thrives in the lively part of town, then look for a home near SIU’s campus. Because of the close vicinity of the campus, housing is always in demand; so it is an area that is always developing. Move in the southwestern part of town to be a part of Carbondale’s downtown nightlife.

To live in the more spacious and picturesque plots of land, then rural Carbondale is also a choice location. When people think of Illinois, they probably think of flat land and a lot of cornfields. That is not the case with Carbondale. The land has rolling hills and abundant forests. For most, the deciding factor for those looking to re-locate to the Illinois area may be something that’s just there – beauty.

A Real Community

Additionally, the retiree community is growing. The numbers in the Illinois town are bolstered by former SIUC professors who are either returning to or remaining in Carbondale. Retirees like to take advantage of the mild weather and wealth of cultural opportunities. Carbondale’s new Liberty Village, one of 20 in the state, offers independent living for its retirees.

The community of Carbondale has a unique personality that is both forward-thinking and family-friendly. The growing market of both new and existing houses is a ripe real estate opportunity that any potential homeowner should take advantage of.

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