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Many families are attracted to Carbondale because of its stellar educational system, which includes Southern Illinois University Carbondale and John A. Logan College. In fact, many SIU graduates take up permanent residence in the city.

Saluki Pride

SIU began as Southern Illinois Normal University in 1874 with one building. In 1943, it was granted limited university status and became a full-fledged university in 1947, when its name was changed to Southern Illinois University. Its impact is immeasurable.

SIU has had its humble beginnings with an inaugural class of 143. But over time the college has developed into a student body of more than 15,000 from all 50 states and 100 foreign countries. The Princeton Review ranks the college as one of the best colleges in the Midwest.

Amidst the colleges of SIUC you will find a college of education and human services, a college of engineering, a college of liberal arts, a college of mass communication and media arts, a college of science, a college of agricultural sciences, a college of applied sciences and arts and a college of business.

SIUC takes pride in its diverse student body and in its far-reaching ability. SIUC’s academic arm stretches as far as Niigata, Japan where a branch campus has operated since 1988.

A School for Children with Learning Disabilities

Brehm Preparatory School is the only Midwestern boarding school serving students with learning disabilities.

Organized in 1982 by parent Carol Brehm, other parents, educators and child development professionals, its goal is to provide an intensive, individualized learning environment for students with learning disabilities. It is known for its innovative approach to special education. Children in middle and high school attend classes nine months a year in classrooms that average one teacher for five students.

After school, the students participate in sports, such as soccer and basketball, or other activities. They return to dormitories for a family-style dinner, hosted by dorm parents. Much of the evening is spent in study hall until it’s “lights out” at 10:00. Sometime during the week, the children take care of their assigned chores. On weekends they often venture off campus for a cultural experience.

Brehm students in the post-secondary program live in supervised townhouses in the community. Some take community college classes, and all receive study, job and social skill training.

Additional education in Carbondale would be the Jackson County School District which includes Carbondale Community High School, Carbondale Middle School, Carbondale New School and Carbondale Elementary School.

Each school in Carbondale, whether it is a college or an elementary school, focuses on educating the growing minds of Illinois and to send out into the world bright and cultured leaders of tomorrow.

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