Carmel, IN Neighborhood Overview

There are eight main neighborhoods in Carmel, IN.

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Neighborhood in Carmel, IN
Photo courtesy of the City of Carmel

Carmel, IN ranks in the top 15 on CNN Money’s Best Places to Live and is organized into several different areas.

In and Around City Center

In the northwest corner, the City Center is mostly comprised of three- to five-bedroom homes and apartment complexes. The area is home to wealthy executives and young married couples.

To the west of the City Center is the Northwood Hills/Lynnwood Farms Purdue University. The area is mainly comprised of large houses and townhomes. The residential area is popular for upper-class families and young married couples. Similar conditions are found in Meridian St./116th St., located south of the City Center.

To the West and East

West of Newark Village in the Keystone Ave./116th St., three- to five-bedroom homes are popular. Wealthy married couples call this area home, both younger and older, with and without children. Just south of this area, the Keystone Ave./106th St. area has similar characteristics, as well as having a higher concentration of executives.

East of Keystone and 106th, Home Place/Echo Crest is also a popular destination for executives, in addition to active retirees and urban sophisticates. Medium-size homes are found in this area and also in the Orchard Park/Chesterton area, found in southwest Carmel. These neighborhoods are part of Northern Beach in southeast Carmel. Northern Beach is also good for  families with children, as well as urban dwellers and active retirees.

Newark Village

Newark Village is more affordable than other areas. It’s located west of the Meridian St./116th St. area, Newark Village provides mostly studio and two-bedroom apartments, but three- to four-bedroom apartments are also affluent. The area is retiree-friendly, according to, as a large portion of the residents here are retired.

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