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Make My Move Puts Relocation Incentives at Your Fingertips

Cities across the U.S. are paying remote workers to relocate, and Make My Move helps match you with your ideal community.

By Lindsey Hyde on March 21, 2023

Evansville, IN
Courtesy of Make My Move

Listen up, remote workers! You’re a hot commodity right now, and great communities across the U.S. are waving relocation incentives like cash and other perks to get your attention. The question is … how do you choose where to live?

At the center of several successful relocation stories is Make My Move, a company based in Indianapolis that helps connect those who work from home with communities that are willing to make moving worth their while.

“There’s this societal shift where, for the first time ever, tens of millions of people are now fully remote, and that means they can choose to live anywhere in the country independent of their employer,” says Evan Hock, co-founder and COO of Make My Move. “We’re just trying to play matchmaker.”

Curious to learn more? Let’s find out how you can get paid to move to a community you’ll love.

Griffin Bike Park
Courtesy of Make My Move

The Process

Make My Move makes relocating easy. Rather than spending hours researching potential communities and looking for the perfect Realtor, the company does all the heavy lifting for you. Your only task is to explore the options. 

The company’s site features more than 90 communities of various sizes and personalities, and with just one click, you’ll find videos, photos and stories about what makes each place unique — not to mention the amazing relocation incentives they have to offer.

Should you find places that interest you, simply click the Apply Now button on the page, fill out the short application and soon, you’ll receive an email letting you know if you pre-qualify. From there, Make My Move will verify your information and connect you with a Realtor who will help find you your dream home and neighborhood.

“We are kind of a mover guide to help folks through the process until they land in their new community,” Hock says.

Also available to remote workers before, during and after their move are Community Champions (volunteers in each city) who help answer their questions and get them ingrained in their new city.

Fusion 54 - Co-Working Space3
Courtesy of Make My Move

The Perks

Though it varies by community, every move comes with a package of appealing relocation incentives. Think cash ranging from from $5,000 to $20,000, plus eclectic amenities like gym memberships, access to co-working spaces, tickets to an upcoming concert, and free coffee and doughnuts from a local cafe, among other things.

“The most creative communities will find things that communicate what is special about that place,” Hock says. “For instance, West Virginia is really selling their outdoor life, so in addition to a $12,000 stipend, they are also offering things like equipment rental for mountain climbing and kayaking or park entrance passes.”

In addition to the tangible incentives listed on Make My Move, Hock notes that each community provides a wealth of intangible incentives.

For example, if you love the college-town vibe, you can experience it every day if you choose to live in Muncie or Bloomington, Indiana. Or, if you enjoy peace and quiet and the laid-back feeling associated with living in a small town, you’ll love calling Bloomfield, Iowa, home.

Dinner at Sportsman on Freeman (1)
Courtesy of Make My Move

The Feedback

Since its inception in late 2020, Make My Move has helped more than 1,000 people relocate to a new community, and these individuals haven’t looked back. In fact, they are thriving. 

“Really, the most fun part of the job is to see everything through the eyes of the folks who took the plunge and are living their new lives,” Hock says. “We hear from folks who are just excited about how much more they can afford. We see folks buying their first house and finding the neighborhood that they’ve always dreamed about, which is a really exciting thing.”

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