Pizza Hut Co-Founder Carney is a Wichita, KS Native

Wichita native Dan Carney is anything but ordinary.

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Wichita native Dan Carney is anything but ordinary. The entrepreneur who co-founded the world’s largest pizza chain in 1958 also is known as a humble humanitarian dedicated to improving the quality of life for others. That commitment to the community – including a history of service on more than 20 charitable boards – earned the Pizza Hut co-founder the “Uncommon Citizen of the Year” award from the Wichita Chamber of Commerce in 2007. “If you’ve been given a gift from God and are successful‚ you owe something back to the community and to those less fortunate‚” Carney says. Today‚ the father of six‚ stepfather of three and grandfather of 17 serves on three local boards: the Guadalupe Clinic‚ which provides medical care to Wichita’s low-income residents; the Opportunity Project‚ devoted to early education for children living in poverty; and the Cerebral Palsy Research Foundation‚ which he helped found with childhood friend Jack Jonas Jr.‚ in 1972. Their passion for helping the disabled soon led to the development of Center Industries Corporation‚ an independent manufacturing facility that now employs more than 200 people with disabilities. From license plates for the state of Kansas to magazine clips for the Department of Defense‚ Center Industries continues to win bids for local and national contracts without reference to the fact that 75 percent of the production work force is severely disabled. “To me it’s a very worthwhile project‚” says Carney‚ who has served as chairman of the board since CPRF’s inception. “So many handicapped CP victims have no place to go after they get an education. We want to help them become active citizens who participate in society.” CPRF also provides disabled individuals with customized services‚ supports and technologies to facilitate economic and personal independence. Despite his many professional accom­plishments‚ Carney hopes he will best be remembered for giving back to the community that gave him a start 50 years ago. “My legacy will be cerebral palsy and charity work‚” Carney says. “That part is important to me.”



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