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Danville, KY is home to a wide variety of businesses that specialize in everything from signage manufacturing to plastic injection molding.

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Timberland Distribution Center in Danville
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Danville-Boyle County is home to a wide variety of manufacturers that specialize in everything from signage manufacturing to plastic injection molding, creating a business climate characterized by variety, convenience and opportunity.


Danville-Boyle County is home to a variety of manufacturing businesses, and five stand out as the largest players in the local economy: AdMart International, Denyo Manufacturing Corporaton, Caterpillar Inc., Panasonic Home Appliances Co. of America and Timberland Company.

AdMart International creates signs that capture the attention of admirers and customers alike. Whether it's a simple, traditional sign or a high-tech digital sign, AdMart International can make whatever kinds of signs customers desire. With 25 years of experience in the signage industry, AdMart has created signs for numerous businesses using everything from traditional acrylic and foam to modern digital technology.

Denyo Manufacturing Corporation was founded in 1948 under the name Japan Welding Machine Co. Ltd. Denyo Manufacturing now makes high-quality air compressors, welders and generators for use in applications ranging from residential to commercial.

The Danville branch of Caterpillar Inc. was established in 1998. Employing approximately 100 people, the Danville branch manufactures track pins and bushings for use in tractors.

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The Danville-Boyle County branch of Panasonic Home Appliances Co. of America was established in 1990. This branch employs roughly 130 people to manufacture numerous types of vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners are used in applications ranging from residential to commercial, and they feature different model styles such as canister and upright vacuums.

Finally, the Timberland Company manufactures its name-brand outdoor footwear in addition to its clothing line and accessories. One of Timberland's two North American distribution centers is established in Danville, Ky. This center, along with Timberland's other center in Ontario, Calif., is responsible for distributing Timberland footwear to dealers across the United States. Timberland was ranked one of the “100 Best Companies to Work For 2007” by  

Manufacturing Services

Danville also is known for its service-oriented manufacturing businesses, such as The Allen Company Inc. and Perfection Components LLC. With its headquarters in Lexington, Ky., The Allen Company Inc. uses asphalt created at its Danville plant, as well as its other plants to provide asphalt paving services to several counties in central Kentucky.

In addition to its asphalt services, The Allen Company provides excavation, utility and concrete services. Perfection Components LLC offers plastic injection molding and assembly services, as well as paint and chrome plating services. Perfection Components is partnered with Buckhorn Inc., a manufacturer of returnable plastic packaging, to provide plastics for automotive markets. Perfection Components is a Certified Minority Business that has been in operation since 2002. 

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