Innovative Industries in Danville, KY

A strong workforce and several other factors help make Boyle County a thriving area for a variety of companies.

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Dana Holding Corp. in Danville, KY

With several factors in play, Boyle County is home to a wide range of manufacturing and distribution companies.

But what may make this sector particularly stand out is the region's workforce: well-educated, hardworking and eager to contribute to their prospective businesses.

Here are three examples of innovative and successful Boyle County companies.

Ferm Solutions

When Shane Baker is asked about the workforce at his company, Ferm Solutions, he likes to answer, “Our small employee base is equivalent to 40-plus average factory jobs.”

In other words, the 15 full-time employees at Ferm Solutions are highly educated and skilled.

“Most of our staff are either Ph.D. scientists and/or professionals in their field,” says Baker, president and CEO of Ferm Solutions, which makes fermentation products for fuel ethanol, distilleries and breweries.

Baker, an engineer, partnered with Patrick Heist, a microbiologist, to launch Ferm Solutions in 2006.  The company added its own spirits distilling operation, Wilderness Trace Distillery, in 2013.

“We’ve been on about a three-year expansion process,” says Baker, who points out the 2011 addition of a new technology center to house an advanced bioscience laboratory and training facilities.

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Denyo Manufacturing Corp.

Innovation comes in many forms at Denyo Manufacturing Corp., which has had a manufacturing plant in Danville since 1996.

One of the most important is the effort to reduce its environmental impact.

“We’re big into sustainability,” says Joey Harris, plant manager for Denyo, a manufacturer of portable diesel-driven generators.

Denyo America, which is owned by Denyo Co. of Tokyo, Japan, moved its headquarters from Los Angeles to Danville in 2011. While the company has expanded, it has done so by improving its recycling of various products, reducing its water and natural gas consumption and virtually eliminating harmful emissions.

“At the same time,” Harris says, “over the past four years we’ve increased our production 400 percent. Our production has gone one direction and our environmental impact has gone the other.”

Denyo America’s generators are used at such places as outdoor concerts, major golf tournaments and military operations.

Danville's Business Climate

Dana Corp.

As plant manager for the Danville location of Dana Holding Corp., Mark Joslin doesn’t hesitate to praise Boyle County or the quality of workers found here.

“I think it’s an excellent community, especially as far as the workforce,” Joslin says. “The people here in Danville are certainly receptive to new technologies and innovations. We have a very dedicated and educated workforce.

“The local universities for further education and training are certainly an asset. From a logistics standpoint, being near an interstate is certainly good for us in the delivery of our products to customers. Those are real key elements of why we’re glad to be here.”

Headquartered in Maumee, Ohio, Dana, a manufacturer of products for automobiles, commemorated 25 years in Boyle County in 2013. Its number of employees doubled to around 300 after the relocation of a gasket operation from Milwaukee to Danville.

“Something I’m very proud of with this group in Danville is the involvement and engagement of our workforce in local community activities,” Joslin says.


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