Explore the Danville-Boyle County Airport

The Stuart Powell Field at Danville-Boyle County Airport in Danville, KY is a great economic boost for the area.

Kevin Litwin
On Thursday, April 28, 2011 - 14:16
Danville, KY Airport

The Stuart Powell Field at Danville-Boyle County Airport is busier than ever these days – and it has never looked better.

The airfield that opened in 1938 received a new terminal building in 2009, and enhancements also have been made to runways, taxiways and road connectors. The upgrades came in response to the airport’s increasing importance to Boyle County’s commercial sector and to businesses in the surrounding counties of Garrard, Lincoln and Mercer.

Business in Danville, KY

“Statistics show that if a community really wants to encourage industry and have those companies stay, an airport of our size is vital within 15 minutes of where the larger businesses are located,” says Stuart Powell, Danville-Boyle County Airport chairman of the board since 1968, and the man for whom Stuart Powell Field is named. “We have Lear jets and corporate jets flying in here all the time, so we want our airport to be as up-to-date as possible.”

The facility is also home to an air ambulance helicopter as well as corporate jet hangars that are only two years old.

Danville-Boyle County Airport is strategically located just an hour away from interstates in all four directions, which makes the airport a vital cog in the rapid transportation system throughout the region.

Fun Things to Do in Danville, KY

The new terminal includes a welcome center, conference room and three offices to rent. It was funded with Kentucky state bond money, which Powell helped to secure.

“Besides blacktopping the runways and taxiways, we have also expanded the aircraft apron parking ramp another 270 feet to accommodate more corporate jets traveling here,” Powell says. “People are always flying in for Centre College for agricultural purposes such as cattle shows. We want the airport and the terminal building to be a beautiful front door to our community. Now, it is.”


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