Transportation in Danville, KY

Recent roadway improvements have made Danville, KY a great location for business and industry.

Nancy Mann Jackson
On Tuesday, December 18, 2012 - 07:00
Danville, KY Transportation

Major transportation improvement projects are underway in Danville and Boyle County that will relieve traffic congestion and create new avenues for shipping freight.  

A new east-west corridor, called the Kentucky 2168 Connector Extension, will extend the current KY 2168 from KY 33 (Shakertown Road) and KY 34 (Lexington Road). This extension “will provide a critical traffic bypass for truck and passenger traffic, relieving traffic congestion downtown on Main Street and Lexington Avenue,” says Jody Lassiter, president and CEO of the Danville/Boyle County Economic Development Partnership.

Business in Danville, KY

The new four-lane reconstruction of U.S. Highway 27 has been completed in Garrard County to a new intersection with KY 34 just east of the Boyle County line. This reconstruction has improved another corridor to south Lexington and to Blue Grass Airport, reducing travel time.

The construction of U.S. 150 represents a new “super” two-lane highway from just east of Stanford to Mount Vernon, which puts Danville 10 minutes closer in drive time to Interstate 75.

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