Kenner, LA Restaurants Overview: Seafood, Farmers Market

Kenner has a number of fresh seafood restaurants and a local market for fresh produce.

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Residents and visitors of Kenner will notice a recurring theme in the city’s dining options: seafood. With access to some the freshest, locally caught or produced seafood, Kenner restaurants are making the most of a good thing.

Fisherman’s Cove Seafood

Kenner’s Fisherman’s Cove Seafood, found next to Harbor Seafood & Oyster Bar, is where locals come for fresh Louisiana fare straight from the Gulf of Mexico. While you can’t dine at this establishment, they provide delicious seafood to go.

The big draw for diners is the crawfish. Grabbing a bag of the spicy boiled crustaceans is a local favorite; just be sure to get instructions on the proper way to eat a crawfish. There’s an art to it.

If you can’t make it to Fisherman’s Cove, don’t worry because they can ship seafood and some of their specialties, such as alligator sausage, to you.

Kenner Seafood

No frills is how diners describe Kenner Seafood. Fried, blackened or grilled are your options for fish, stuffed or not, and other crustaceans.

The crawfish boil is highly recommended, and diners rave about the mixture of potatoes, sausage and corn with the tasty little mud bugs, as some call crawfish.

Like Fisherman’s Cove, Kenner Seafood will send you all of your favorite items. Boiled, fresh and frozen seafood are all available, and cooked food such as seafood gumbo and hot tamales can also be included in your shipment.

Kenner Rivertown Farmers Market

If you’re a bit burned out of on seafood, don’t worry. The Kenner Rivertown Farmers Market meets the first and third Saturday of every month in Heritage Park. The market is full of vendors with fresh produce and plants as well as crafts for sale.


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