Lafayette, LA Activities Overview: Parks, Golf

Residents in Lafayette stay active with parks, golf and water recreation.

On Friday, June 29, 2012 - 05:01

Lafayette’s abundant natural beauty provides ample opportunity for everyone to have fun outside.


The Parks and Recreation Department in Lafayette maintains about 1,500 acres of parkland in the city. There are 36 parks in Lafayette, two of which have several miles of mountain bike trails. There are also more than a dozen different jogging trails that vary in length from .2 to 1.25 miles.


Lafayette is home to three municipal golf courses, Les Vieux Chenes, Jay and Lionel Hebert Municipal Golf Course, and the Wetlands Golf Course. There are multiple golf associations that host more than 50 benefit golf tournaments each year as well as youth clinics.

Recreation Centers

There are 10 recreation centers in the city, all of which offer various programs and classes. Racquetball, shuffleboard and aerobics classes are just some of the activities locals can enjoy.

Paddle Trail

Locals and visitors alike love to paddle around Lafayette. Traversing rivers, lakes and bayous, paddlers is a draw for tourists because paddlers can see the wild side of Louisiana from a canoe. Paddling on the popular Lake Martin to Beaver Park route will take water enthusiasts into the city.

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