Lafayette, LA Best Restaurant: Prejeans

Prejeans in Lafayette is an award-winning Cajun favorite.

On Friday, June 29, 2012 - 05:01

Looking for a taste of Cajun cuisine? Look no further than Prejeans.

From gold medals at the World Gumbo Championship to Best Cajun Restaurant voted by readers from the local newspaper, Prejeans is a top restaurant in Lafayette. In business for more than 30 years, this eatery was created by Robert Guilbeau to celebrate the food, music and joie de vivre of Cajun country.

Visitors may come to soak up the bayou ambiance, but diners stay for the grub. Prejeans is famous for its gumbo, and the restaurant offers four different kinds. The classic chicken and sausage version is touted for its three-time World Champion status, and the seafood, shrimp, and smoked duck and andouille versions all bring something unique to the table.

The hardest part of dining at Prejeans is selecting an entree. From duck to alligator to every kind of seafood imaginable, this restaurant serves true local flavor.

If you can’t come to Prejeans in person, you can still be there in spirit by the Internet. The restaurant's website hosts a live Web cam feed, so those tuning in can feel as though they are dining in Cajun country.

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