Lafayette, LA Restaurants: Seafood, Fine Dining

On Friday, June 29, 2012 - 05:00

Lafayette is a diner’s dream with more than 500 restaurants in the area. The city, named Best Food City in the United States by USA Today, is in the heart of Cajun country, and restaurants dish out plenty of plates piled high with smoky, spicy and saucy fare.

Old Tyme Grocery

When visiting Louisiana, make sure to grab the state’s famous sandwich, a po boy. With more than a dozen different kinds of po boys to choose from, Old Tyme Grocery keeps diners satisfied. From classics complete with cold cuts to fried oysters, there are plenty of options awaiting. The fried shrimp po boy is the restaurant’s most popular sandwich, and Old Tyme Grocery’s version ranks as one of the state’s best on The Cajun Foodie.

Johnson’s Boucaniere

Looking for boudin? Look no further than Johnson’s Boucaniere. Famous for their version of the Cajun staple of pork sausage and rice stuffed in a casing, Johnson’s has used the same recipe since the original store, Johnson’s Grocery, opened in 1937. Boudin aficionados can also get their meat in battered and fried ball form called a boudin ball, and Johnson’s puts their boudin balls in sandwiches for more portable eating.

Blue Dog Cafe and Jolie’s Louisiana Bistro

Owned by the same proprietor, Lafayette’s Blue Dog Cafe and Jolie’s Louisiana Bistro serve up some of the finest, freshest Cajun cuisine in the city.

Blue Dog Cafe is full of paintings by famous Louisiana artist George Rodrigue, whose trademark blue canine is the inspiration for the restaurant’s name, and he is one of the restaurant’s partners. The menu features award-winning dishes such as Sherwood Forest brie bisque and crawfish etoufee.

Jolie’s Louisiana Bistro, run by Blue Dog Cafe’s owners and George Rodrigue’s sons, is a champion of the farm-to-table movement. Fresh and local goods are used in this frequently changing menu.

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