Lafayette, LA Things to Do

Lafayette embraces its culture and history in its festivals and active nightlife.

On Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 11:38

Lafayette is a city that loves to celebrate everything. From live music to wild events, the good times roll in Cajun country.

Blue Moon Saloon and Guesthouse

Lafayette is the nightlife center of the Acadiana region. There are plenty of bars in the area, but the music scene is what people come to see. Blue Moon Saloon and Guesthouse is a top spot for local music.

The saloon is a great venue to see musicians from all over the world celebrate their home’s special sound. And the party doesn’t have to stop once the music is over; simply wander over to the popular guesthouse. For between $20 and $150, depending on festival rates, you can sleep on a bunk bed in a shared room or have a private suite.

Festivals and Events

Folks in Lafayette know how to have a fun, and the city’s calendar is often full of events. Two of the most popular festivals are Festival International and Mardi Gras.

Festival International is the largest Francophone or French-speaking festival in the country. Celebrating Lafayette’s French history for more than 25 years, this free event turns the city’s downtown into a mini France. Gallic food, arts and culture are the stars for this weekend extravaganza.

It wouldn’t be Louisiana without a big Mardi Gras blowout. Lafayette makes the most of the holiday spirit and brings some joie de vivre to the time before Lent. Traditions are coupled with parades and balls that begin in January and continue for weeks until Fat Tuesday.

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