Lafayette, LA: Public and Private Schools Overview

On Friday, June 29, 2012 - 05:02

Public Schools

Lafayette Parish School System has more than 30 schools serving the city’s student population. The system offers a school of choice program, meaning that students at any level can go to a parish school outside of their zone.

The city’s school system has nine career academies in the seven high schools that provide special training and programs in a specific area. For example, both the Academy of Engineering and the Academy of Environmental Science can be found at Northside High School. Students seeking a more artistic high school environment can attend the Academy of Performing Arts at Lafayette High School or the Academy of Visual and Applied Arts at Ovey Comeaux High School.

Private Schools

The city of Lafayette has a large Catholic population, and more than half of the city’s private schools are affiliated with the Catholic church. Other schools are affiliated with different Christianity denominations, and each school brings something unique to its students. For example, athletes at Teurlings Catholic High School can be a part of the school’s bowling team.

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