Lafayette, LA Neighborhoods Overview

On Friday, June 29, 2012 - 05:04

University Area

The neighborhood surrounding the University of Louisiana-Lafayette is urban in nature. Thanks to its large student population, this area is made up of renters and apartment complexes and buildings.

Residents around the university are mostly young and highly educated. Full of quintessential trendy tenants, this neighborhood is known for its walkability and sophisticated surroundings.

Freetown-Port Rico

Downtown Lafayette’s Freetown-Port Rico neighborhood is located close to the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and is experiencing a resurgence thanks to a blooming artist community. The city has plans to name it as an arts district complete with art installations in the future, but for now the area is full of studios and roaming chickens.


Featuring the Thomas Park Recreation Center, Lafayette’s Broadmoor neighborhood is made up mostly of single-family homes with a few attached homes and apartments.

The population in the Broadmoor neighborhood is a mixture different ages and lifestyles. The highly educated owners of these homes are mostly young and single professionals, but there are also families with children, seniors and college students. 

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