2013 10 Best Small Towns

  • Photo: Dickinson Convention & Visitors Bureau
    Located near the rugged, rocky badlands of North Dakota, the town of Dickinson is experiencing a surge in new residents, businesses and amenities.
  • Photo: University Communications/Univ. of Mississippi
    Oxford, MS, has been called the "Hollywood version" of a Southern town, but the city's architecture and genteel atmosphere are as genuine as the magnolia trees that shade tailgaters before football games at the University of Mississippi.
  • Photo: Kathy Reed
    The scenery in and around Oak Harbor, WA, attracts many new residents to this charming island town, but what keeps them here is the city's high quality of life and excellent services.
  • Photo: Lisa Hurlen
    Big Ole, a giant viking statue, keeps watch over the town of Alexandria, MN, where preservation efforts and planning helped protect the city's character during a period of rapid growth.
  • Photo: Traverse City Convention & Visitors Bureau
    The ongoing transformation of a former state hospital into a village of shops, restaurants, homes and offices exemplifies the type of innovative enhancement projects occurring in Traverse City, MI.
  • Photo: The City of West Plains
    Tucked in the Ozark Mountains, near pristine wilderness areas and spring-fed streams, West Plains, MO, attracts nature lovers, entrepreneurs and families searching for an authentic small town.