Best Neighborhoods in Cambridge, MA

Neighborhoods in Cambridge consist of urban areas with restaurants and shopping and suburbs with historical homes.

On Monday, August 20, 2012 - 16:18
Inman Square in Cambridge, MA

Outside of the lively squares that the “city of squares” has to offer, the city hosts diverse, vibrant residential neighborhoods.


North Cambridge is the gateway to the suburbs to the north. With roots dating from the mid-1800s, the area today consists of single and multi-family homes and high-rise affordable housing.


Alewife/Fresh Pond borders the suburbs on the western edge of the city. The economic development hub, filled with companies and commercial life, is also home to great environmental resources. People living here are mostly single young adults and live in apartment buildings/complexes.

Western Mt. Auburn/Brattle Street was home to grand mansions during the Colonial period, and today houses politicians, professors and other professionals in high-brow estates. Also found in this area are young single adults in smaller homes.


Since the Industrial Revolution, Eastern Cambridge has been a center of industrial activity. Today, the majority of the people who live here are families with children 18 and older, and they live in luxury apartments. Also here are the Galleria Mall, Lechmere Square and Lechmere Station.


Riverside is mainly dominated by Harvard’s dorms, making most of the residents college students. As well, the bankside location is a popular tourist area and home to a number of parks and commercial centers.

Cambridgeport is a residential area made up of small store owners, software and biotechnology executives, and mechanics and artists, and other occupants who live in three-story apartments and other types of homes.


Diverse Mid-Cambridge is compiled of a myriad of residents, from professors to immigrants, and modern apartment buildings.

Porter Square is a popular destination for first-time home buyers and merchants. The historical area is overflowing with shops, restaurants and an urban landscape.

Inman Square is home to working-class residents, professionals and students. The lively area is home to many diverse restaurants, bars, music venues and boutiques.

Central Square is in the center of the city and hosts the chamber of commerce, as well as other city buildings, and also attracts people to its restaurants.

Kendall Square is a business epicenter, hosting most of the city’s businesses. With many bars and restaurants, the area has a popular nightlife as well.

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