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Fall River, MA Schools and Schools Ratings

While perhaps not raised and educated in Fall River, MA, more than 71.4% of residents have earned high school diplomas or higher, with 13.8% having graduated with a college degree or higher.

Schools Overview

It’s no secret that schools and education opportunities are big motivating factors when choosing a best place to live. This is why we’ve taken the time to provide the most up-to-date statistics on public and private schools in the Fall River , MA, area. We’ve also included data on the education levels of residents, and how to get in touch with the public and private schools near you.

Educational Levels in Fall River , MA

  Bachelor's Degree 9.7%
  Associate's Degree 8.3%
  Graduate or Professional Degree 4.1%
  High School Graduate 33.2%
  Some College, No Degree 16.2%
  Percent Bachelor's Degree or Higher 13.8%
  Percent High School Graduate or Higher 71.4%

School Enrollment in Fall River , MA

School Enrollment Total
62,062 in Fall River, MA.

School Districts in Fall River , MA

Title Level Enrollment Street Address City State Phone Number
Atlantis Charter (District) K-9 2501 South Main St Fall River Massachusetts (508) 672-2181
Fall River School District PK-12 463 417 Rock St Fall River Massachusetts (508) 675-8420
Greater Fall River Regional Vocational Technical School District 9-12 330 251 Stonehaven Rd Fall River Massachusetts (508) 678-2891

Private Schools in Fall River , MA

Title Level Enrollment Street Address City State Phone Number
Third Baptist Church Christian School K-2, 4, 6-8 260 Stafford Rd Fall River Massachusetts
St Vincent School 7-12 2425 Highland Avenue Fall River Massachusetts (508) 679-8511
St Stanislaus School PK-8 Po Box 300 Fall River Massachusetts (508) 674-6771
Sts. Peter & Paul School PK-8 240 Dover Street Fall River Massachusetts (508) 672-7258
St. Anne School PK-8 240 Forest St Fall River Massachusetts (508) 678-2152
Holy Trinity School PK-8 64 Lamphor Street Fall River Massachusetts (608) 673-6772
St Michael School PK-8 209 Essex Street Fall River Massachusetts (508) 678-0266
Bishop Connolly High School 8-12 373 Elsbree Street Fall River Massachusetts (508) 676-1071
Notre Dame De Lourdes School PK-8 34 St Joseph St Fall River Massachusetts (508) 672-5461
Holy Name School PK-8 850 Pearce Street Fall River Massachusetts (508) 674-9131
Espirito Santo Parochial School PK-8 143 Everett Street Fall River Massachusetts (508) 672-2229
Antioch School PK-8 618 Rock Street Fall River Massachusetts (508) 673-6767
Fall River Deaconess Home School 7-12 Po Box 2118 Fall River Massachusetts (508) 674-4847
Seton Academy For Girls PK-8 Po Box 9658 Fall River Massachusetts (508) 672-4274
East Gate Christian Academy PK-9 397 Bay Street Fall River Massachusetts (508) 730-1735