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Invest in the Future of Baltimore City, MD, with Conscious RT

Make a positive, long-lasting impact in Baltimore City, MD, by joining the Conscious RT movement

By Jessica Walker Boehm on December 8, 2019

Conscious RT in Baltimore City, MD
Baltimore / Conscious RT

Committed to transforming Baltimore City through real estate development, Conscious Real Estate Investors Roundtable (Conscious RT) comprises a team of approximately 300 real estate investors and professionals, developers, homeowners and community stakeholders who are working to improve the city’s neighborhoods one block at a time without displacing current residents.

“Our movement is currently focused in Penrose/Fayette Street Outreach and Harlem Park, but we’re just getting started,” says Christopher King, founder and CEO of Conscious RT and co-founder of the Conscious Community Initiative, a collaborative model for revitalizing vacant properties in Baltimore City into sustainable, thriving communities.

Conscious RT is based upon conscious capitalism, which is an international movement started by John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market. As a result, King says, Conscious RT abides by four principles: higher purpose, stakeholder orientation, conscious leadership and conscious culture.

“There is a higher purpose for this business than making money – we want to make a difference and serve others – and all of our stakeholders benefit financially from our work,” King says. “In addition, we practice conscious leadership; as conscious leaders, we strive to solve problems, and we understand the impact that our work has on the ecosystem and environment. Finally, we believe in hiring a diverse range of people, paying a living wage, being transparent, having integrity and growing trust within our company.”

If you’re ready to invest in real estate with a higher purpose and help bring economic revitalization to Baltimore City, consider becoming a Conscious RT member, joining the movement as an investor member, a community stakeholder (homebuyer) or a business member.

Conscious RT also offers valuable educational opportunities, including a six-week course designed to provide members with the seven steps necessary for becoming a conscious developer.

Learn more at Conscious RT or email Christopher King.

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