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Craig Guice from Outsource IT in La Plata, MD
Todd Bennett

Craig Guice and Mark Vliet met in sixth grade as students at Milton Somers Middle School in La Plata, and today the childhood friends co-own OutsourceIT, one of the fastest growing small businesses in Maryland.

“We started the company in 2004, with Mark managing day-to-day operations for our clients, while I manage the growth of the business,” Guice says. “The company's mission is to provide a more efficient and cost-effective way to deliver IT support to the small business community. It's almost like selling an HMO health plan to small companies, but we sell information technology.”

Support for Computers

Guice says his company's client list has grown in recent years to include a wide range of commercial, government and nonprofit organizations throughout the D.C./Baltimore area and the Triad region of North Carolina.

“Small businesses contract with us by the month, and we provide all the IT benefits that large corporations receive but on an affordable basis for them,” he says. “Whether a company has one computer, five computers or 100 computers, at some point they will need a network security expert, or an email expert, or a data expert – someone to fix a computer so they can continue working. That is what OutsourceIT is all about.”

He adds that Charles County is not only a nice place to live, but he is seeing Charles County becoming less of a bedroom community and more of a business park area.

“That's why we have established our headquarters in La Plata with 70 employees,” Guice says. “OutsourceIT has more than 250 clients, and we manage all of their 10,000 total computers from our La Plata office.”

Fit to Print

Another small business doing well in Charles County is Quality Printers LLC in White Plains, owned by Joe Namyst Sr. and Joe Namyst Jr., who are both natives of Charles County.

“I've been involved in this community for many years with civic organizations, church, sponsoring teams, and I've coached more than 20 years,” Namyst Sr. says. “I've always had a philosophy of community, supporting your business neighbors and keeping local jobs. Being a small printing company, we have always been big about supporting small businesses in Charles County.”

Check Out the Front

Besides all the services that a top printing shop can offer, the front entrance space at Quality Printers has been transformed into a community center.

“It's a place where small businesses can meet and market themselves, complete with eye-pleasing artwork on the walls and a modern décor,” Namyst Jr. says. “By the way, besides the Quality Printers portion of our business, we have also established a QP2 Creative division for people who want a website created or any other design and technology-related upgrades to their business.”

Namyst Jr. says no matter how successful Quality Printers continues to become, its first priority will always be to serve the Charles County community.

“More and more small businesses are choosing Charles County, which is great to see,” he says. “It has always been a beautiful place to live and is equally an excellent place to work.”

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