Dog Parks in La Plata, MD

State parks and dog parks in La Plata, MD ensure endless entertainment for dogs and their familie

On Friday, April 29, 2011 - 07:02

The town of La Plata is just a silver dollar's throw away from some of the best canine recreation spots in Maryland.

Turkey Hill and White Plains Dog Parks are slightly north of La Plata. The parks are fenced in and completely leashless, but for extended play dates at Turkey Hill, it's best to bring water and a dish for Fido.

Charles County contains over 3,000 acres of park land, where leashes and cleanup are expected, of course. Chapel Point State Park, Purse State Park and Smallwood State Park have walking trails where dogs and owners can get some exercise.

Don't mind the wet-dog smell? Check out the parks' leashless swimming areas.

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