Fun Things To Do in La Plata, MD

From hiking trails to delicious local food, there are always fun things to do in La Plata, Maryland

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Water Sports in La Plata, MD

1. Travel along the water trails of Charles County to see diverse species of wildlife.

2. Hike the trails of tranquil Gilbert Run Park.

3. Enjoy America's pastime as you cheer on the Southern Maryland Blue Crabs.

4. Visit the impressive Mount Aventine Manor House in picturesque Chapman Forest.

5. Dig for fossils in Purse State Park

6. Tour the home of Thomas Stone, a Maryland signer of the Declaration of Independence.

7. Bike through historic Indian Head Trail with idyllic forest views.

8. Explore the grounds of St. Ignatius Church, one of the oldest Catholic parishes in continuance today.

9. Have a blast at Capital Clubhouse, a sporting complex with skating rink, rock walls, arcade and more.

10. Check out the house of Dr. Samuel Mudd, alleged co-conspirator who treated John Wilkes Booth's broken leg after he assassinated President Lincoln.

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