Ouzo's Restaurant in La Plata, MD

If you're looking for Greek Food in La Plata, MD, Ouzo's Restaurant is a great choice.

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Ouzo's Greek & Regional Cuizine
Martin Cherry

Ouzo's Greek and Regional Cuisine, a boutique-style restaurant on Drury Drive in La Plata, is modeled after any small village taverna in Greece. Owner Joe Gressis makes sure that every appetizer, salad and entree served at Ouzo's is made with fresh herbs, spices and olive oil.

The meats and seafood are delivered to the restaurant daily, with some of the top traditional dishes on the menu including moussaka, pastitsio and lamb chops, complemented by a variety of appetizers such as dolmadakia, tiropita, spanakopita and keftedakia, all prepared fresh daily.

Ouzo's has a casual dining room as well as the main dining room, plus two well-stocked bars. The comfortable rooms are perfect for dining, meetings or hosting your next party or get-together.

Ouzo's weekend specials range from three traditional Greek dinners inspired by the cooking traditions of ancestors from the Islands of Andros and Tinos. Also, Ouzo's features entertainment such as jazz and karaoke, conducts cooking and dance classes and hosts holiday buffets.

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