A Good Essay Could Win You an Inn in Maine

The owner of the Center Lovell Inn is holding an essay contest to find a new owner.

Mitch Kline
On Monday, March 9, 2015 - 12:47

A well-written 200-word essay could be your ticket to owning a historic inn in Maine. The Boston Globe reports that Janice Sage, owner of the Center Lovell Inn and Restaurant, is holding an essay contest to determine who gets the 210-year-old inn. Sage told the Boston Globe that while the inn is located in a storybook setting, with views of the Presidential Range, the new owner should be prepared to put in 17-hour days, cooking, cleaning, repairing the inn and helping guests.

Sage acquired the Center Lovell Inn 22 years ago when she won an essay contest. She's charging a $125 entry fee and expects to get more than 7,500 entries from around the world, which would bring in more than $937,000. Sage plans to pick the best 20 entries by May 17 and will have two anonymous judges select the winner by May 21. The winner will get $20,000 to start running the property, which comes with furnishings and equipment, but any leftover food and alcohol will go with Sage. The Inn, built in 1805, includes a wraparound porch, large kitchen and 12 acres near Kezar Lake. There are seven guest units and two dining rooms. According to the Win Center Inn webpage, the essay must explain why you would like to own and operate a country inn. 


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