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Fort Kent, ME Schools and Schools Ratings

While perhaps not raised and educated in Fort Kent, ME, more than 85.1% of residents have earned high school diplomas or higher, with 27.2% having graduated with a college degree or higher.

Schools Overview

It’s no secret that schools and education opportunities are big motivating factors when choosing a best place to live. This is why we’ve taken the time to provide the most up-to-date statistics on public and private schools in the Fort Kent , ME, area. We’ve also included data on the education levels of residents, and how to get in touch with the public and private schools near you.

Educational Levels in Fort Kent , ME

  Bachelor's Degree 17.9%
  Associate's Degree 5.4%
  Graduate or Professional Degree 9.3%
  High School Graduate 36%
  Some College, No Degree 16.5%
  Percent Bachelor's Degree or Higher 27.2%
  Percent High School Graduate or Higher 85.1%

School Enrollment in Fort Kent , ME

School Enrollment Total
1,623 in Fort Kent, ME.

School Districts in Fort Kent , ME

Title Level Enrollment Street Address City State Phone Number
Msad 27 School District PK-12 66 84 Pleasant St Fort Kent Maine (207) 834-3189

Private Schools in Fort Kent , ME