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Oxford Companies Believes in Value of Office Culture

By Livability on November 23, 2021

Oxford Companies, Ann Arbor, MI
Courtesy of Oxford Companies

There’s no denying it — working remotely has its perks. But what are we giving up if we don’t return to the office? What value might we miss out on? 

Oxford Companies, a real estate company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, believes that coming together as an organization helps teams develop and grow, and working alongside one another leads to productive, innovative collaborations that are much harder to come by when employees work separately. 

Cultivating a company culture is also tough without regular in-person interactions that ensure employees are aligned with the organization’s mission — and producing work that reflects it. 

Furthermore, relationships thrive in the workplace, such as between mentors and mentees. Personal and professional growth takes place in offices, and turnover is higher when organizations don’t provide opportunities for that growth. 

“We believe in the long-term value of offices,” says Oxford Companies CEO Jeff Hauptman. “Why? People working together, in-person, builds trust — and that improves efficiency, culture and loyalty to each other.” 

Oxford Companies was founded over 20 years ago and has the largest commercial real estate portfolio in Ann Arbor, managing upwards of 2.6 million square feet — the majority of which is office space. 

Oxford’s CREW, as they refer to their team, has helped hundreds of local organizations find the right space for their employees. They’re confident that the future of offices is bright in Ann Arbor, considering that commercial office subleases can be hard to come by and construction of new offices and buildouts of existing ones are in high demand. 

Plus, many Oxford tenants have actually expanded their office space or maintained a large suite when they anticipated downsizing. 

The company’s popular Instant Office program launched in 2020 and has grown since then, offering shorter terms and move-in ready units throughout the Ann Arbor area, with a simple lease and a low level of commitment. 

“Here’s something we know for sure — commercial real estate will provide enduring value in our local economy,” Hauptman says. “It builds community. We’re proud to continue working with Ann Arbor businesses to help them thrive.” 

Organizations interested in securing commercial office space in the Ann Arbor area and looking for a seamless, effective transition should contact Oxford Companies at 734-665-6500 or visit oxfordcompanies.com

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