Ann Arbor, MI: Best Neighborhoods

Discover the best neighborhoods in Ann Arbor.

On Wednesday, June 13, 2012 - 17:31
Ann Arbor MI

Northwest – Haisley

The area around Haisley Elementary is a family-friendly neighborhood of ranches and Cape Cods. Students can choose Forsythe or Slauson middle school, and move onto Skyline High School.

Not far from Skyline High, Miller Nature Area is a hidden pocket of woods. Veterans Memorial Park is a draw for the whole neighborhood all year long.

Northeast – Northside

Known as Lower Town, Northside features some of the city's oldest homes. The area is northeast of downtown Ann Arbor, and Northside Park is a popular spot in this community. U-M's North Campus students inhabit the area’s numerous apartment complexes.

Northside is in the Clague Middle School and Skyline High areas, except for North Campus, where children are bused to Tappan and then go to Huron High.

Central – Burns Park

Its picturesque setting of tree-lined streets and old homes set around a historic park and school, as well as its proximity to downtown and the University of Michigan, makes Burns Park one of the city's most desirable and upscale neighborhoods.

Students from the Burns Park area attend Tappan Middle School, but they split for high school, with those north of Washtenaw going to Huron High and the rest to Pioneer.

Southwest – Dicken

Dicken is a West-side family neighborhood with modest one- and two-story homes. It includes Dicken Woods, the site of school and community nature programs. Small parks are sprinkled throughout the area. Mushroom Park is known for its faux fungi; Las Vegas Park has a soccer field and playground; and Greenview Park provides a natural retreat for dog walkers and picnickers.

Dicken students attend Slauson Middle School and Pioneer High School.

Southeast – Allen

Allen Elementary is well hidden in a neighborhood behind historic Cobblestone Farm and Buhr Park, which is a year-round recreation favorite.

Depending on their neighborhood, Abbot grads go on to Scarlett or Tappan, and from there to Huron or Pioneer.