Holland, MI: Low Cost of Living, High Number of Options

Holland has a historic neighborhood within walking distance to downtown, Hope College and city parks.

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Central Village Condominiums
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Holland has a historic neighborhood within walking distance to downtown, Hope College and city parks; another older neighborhood can be found just south of downtown. And if that’s not your taste, the options are growing with this region of western Michigan. Outside the city center are subdivisions and cluster housing in wooded areas. For the newest developments, head north to what is known as “the meadowlands.”

High-end homes line the shores of Lake Macatawa; the south shore boasts some of the area’s most expensive, with 10,000 square feet. Yes, multimillion dollar lakefront estates are out there but they don’t come on the market often and won’t fit everyone’s budget. Overall, though, Holland is an especially affordable place to live; Grand Haven, a smaller city but a major vacation destination with lots of Lake Michigan shoreline, trends higher. In Holland, the median home price is substantially below $200,000; in fact, it is closer to $150,000, though the median for new construction tops $200,000. Condominiums are widely available for less, and the cost of living in both cities is well below the national average. Holland encourages and supports neighborhood leadership and a sense of community.

The city offers an online neighborhood block party kit and sponsors training for residents to become leaders in their areas. The Ourstreet Program targets the neighborhood between 13th and 19th streets, from Lincoln to Harrison avenues for revitalization. Grants of up to $4,500 are available for buyers converting multifamily homes into single family homes; another program gives buyers who meet income guidelines $10,000 toward closing costs and $20,000 for renovations for owner-occupied, single-family homes. Summers are fabulous, and winters are long. Still, the region is attracting attention as a great spot for active retirees.

In Holland, Freedom Village retirement housing complex has independent living from studio apartments and up, located within walking distance of downtown. Highfield Beach Club is a high-end retirement community on a former blueberry farm in Grand Haven. And those are but two of dozens of options.



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