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Grow in Greater Muskegon

The county offers a perfect place to put down roots.

By Livability on May 18, 2021

Greater Muskegon Economic Development

Nestled on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan, Muskegon County is a great place to live, raise a family, even grow a business. Whether launching an entrepreneurial endeavor or expanding an international manufacturing plant, the area’s mix of location, affordability, livability and pro-business climate provide a foundation for success.

Location, Location, Location

“Logistically, Muskegon provides relatively easy access to huge population numbers – 175 million people live within 1,000 miles,” notes Greater Muskegon Economic Development CEO Jim Edmonson. “We’re at the intersection of two of Michigan’s busiest highways – one running north/south and one running east/west. Muskegon Lake is a deep-water commercial port, and we are an active part of the Great Lakes shipping system that connects us to the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico.”

Another plus for exporters, the No. 1 border crossing in North America is located less than 200 miles from Muskegon, linking Michigan to Canada via Detroit or Port Huron.

Greater Muskegon Economic Development

Robust Infrastructure 

The region’s geographic location provides abundant access to potable water. Another major asset, the Muskegon County Wastewater Management System has an excess capacity of 30 MGD (millions of gallons per day). Electrical and natural gas service is available throughout the County. Several options exist for internet and broadband services. 

Diversified Interests

Muskegon County supports more than 6,300 companies, including more than 275 manufacturers. “Muskegon’s economy continues to grow despite the challenges we see nationally and globally. This is due in part to our diverse industry mix and a highly skilled workforce,” says GMED Director of Business Development Morgan Carroll. “Our largest employers range from advanced manufacturing to tourism.” 

Greater Muskegon Economic Development

Right Size for Success

Muskegon County’s population of 173,743 is large enough for the community to offer a full complement of amenities and resources to support business development, yet still manageable when it comes to establishing the networking circles so critical to success. 

Greater Muskegon Economic Development

Talented Workforce

With 18 universities within 50 miles and a median age of 39, Muskegon County boasts a workforce that is young, talented and innovative. In addition to those with specific technical training, more than one-third of the population holds an associate’s degree or higher.

Cost of Living

Muskegon County’s Cost of Living Index is 87.6 – more than 12 percent below the national average. This affordability contributes to 75 percent of residents owning their own homes.

Greater Muskegon Economic Development

Lakeshore Lifestyle

“The secret Is out,” Carroll says. “People are becoming increasingly aware of what we have to offer in terms of lifestyle and affordability. “With a newly redeveloped downtown with over a billion dollars in investment throughout the community and a vibrant arts and entertainment community, residents enjoy all the benefits of living in a small city with big-city amenities,” she adds. 

“We’re also surrounded by incredible natural beauty and world-class outdoor recreational opportunities, many of which have a connection to the water. Watching Mother Nature transform through four seasons is awe-inspiring.” 

For more information, contact Greater Muskegon Economic Development at  231-722-375, developmuskegon.org.

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