Traverse City, MI Restaurants To Dine For

Restaurants in Traverse City, MI include Boathouse Restaurant, the Radish, and more.

On Monday, April 9, 2012 - 22:06
Traverse City

Traverse City's Culinary Collection Downtown

At the heart of downtown Traverse City is Amical; a self-proclaimed downtown bistro. Located on East Front Street, this restaurant has been serving delectable French-style cuisine ever since its opening in 1994. With a menu full of European and Mediterranean bistro, Amical serves up dish after dish of culinary masterpieces. An extensive wine list compliments the taste of any meal and the award-winning pastry and dessert selection is the cherry on top of a memorable dining experience.


For what the head chef calls a “casual fine-dining” experience, look no further than the Boathouse Restaurant. Sitting along the Traverse City shoreline, the aptly-named Boathouse Restaurant has been a location of beautiful views, exquisite dishes and a casual atmosphere. Chef Eric Nittolo boasts on the restaurant Web site that guests feel comfortable “coming in from the beach, the golf course, or dressed in their very best.” A complete wine list, a light brunch selection and a three-course lunch and dinner menu makes the Boathouse Restaurant an enjoyable eating-location on Michigan’s Old Mission Peninsula.

Union Street

Union Street holds a healthy oasis amidst this fast-food nation. That oasis is known as the Radish; a local salad-bar eatery. The Radish serves only the freshest of the local organic produce. Twenty fresh items a day grace the salad bar. From crunchy romaine lettuce to leafy-green spinach, customers peruse the buffet and are always satisfied to find a healthy and delicious meal. The Radish also serves house-made soups, organic teas, bottled water and juices. And since they have had a healthy meal, customers have no qualms with enjoying one of the Radish’s individually wrapped desserts. Key lime bars with raspberries, cherry nut tarts, granola chocolate cherry cookies, and oooooie goooooie Brownies never tasted so guiltless.

Local Dives

And lastly, we haven’t forgotten to mention a place where you can walk in off the street, sit down and let the good times roll. The House of Doggs proudly stands as Traverse City’s number one and only coney dog joint. Go to the House of Doggs for a delicious music-themed menu of well-dressed hot dogs. Try the “Country Dogg” with pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard and chili. Feelin’ original? Sink your teeth into the “HOD Fusion Dog” with its HOD sauce, ketchup, mustard and crushed potato chips. Eat an “R&B Dog” topped with sauerkraut, chili, ketchup, mustard, pickle and onion. Feelin’ simple? Then just go with the “Be-Bop” with nothing but ketchup and mustard. Restaurant owner Nick McAllister’s collection of music memorabilia graces the walls of this eatery creating a hip ambiance. Not that he needs anything to compliment his delectable doggs. However, an original menu, trendy decorations and friendly service makes Traverse City’s coney dog joint a place to remember.

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