Duluth, MN Neighborhood Guide

Moving to Duluth? Our neighborhood breakdown has all of the options.

On Friday, July 20, 2012 - 17:28
Duluth MN


Downtown Duluth is home to many of the city’s attractions, as well as a center of government and business. Downtown is full of historical buildings and is located just a stroll away from the popular Canal Park area.

North Shore

Duluth’s North Shore neighborhood is part of Duluth’s storied North Shore Scenic Drive. Residents of this eastern Duluth area enjoy amazing views along the coast of Lake Superior and easy access to eight state parks.


Denfeld is full of single-family homes in tight formations, and the neighborhood’s Grand Avenue has plenty of stores and businesses. Denfeld High School serves most of western Duluth, and its 120-foot clock tower is a local landmark.

Lincoln Park

One of the larger neighborhoods in Duluth, Lincoln Park stretches up a hill and onto Skyline Parkway. The neighborhood also has its own business district that includes the city of Duluth’s main post office.

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