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Uptown, Downtown and Dinkeytown have many housing options

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Downtown Minneapolis, MN
Photo courtesy of the Minneapolis Convention & Visitors Bureau


Apartments are abundant in uptown Minneapolis with many mid-sized buildings from the 1920s and stylish modern buildings. Single-family homes, usually larger in size, were built in the early and mid-20th century. While much of uptown is populated by young professionals and college students, families love uptown for its great library, schools, and beautiful lakes and parks.


About 40,000 people, mostly young and urban professionals, live in the city’s downtown area.

The most common homes in downtown Minneapolis are apartments, studios, lofts and condos. There are new high-rise condo developments, and several conversion projects where old warehouses and commercial spaces are transformed into modern apartments and lofts.

Convenience does come at a price when living in downtown. Apartments on the skyway system are more expensive, and parking a car adds a significant amount to living costs.


Dinkytown is the unofficial name for the area north of the University of Minnesota, and it is not surprisingly heavily populated by students. The area has a row of historic fraternity houses along University Avenue that is referred to as "frat row."

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